Herb-Oil.com’s business model focuses on facilitating commerce between buyers and sellers. From the layout of the website to buyer benefits, and amazing store features! Setting up your store to be a part of the Herb-Oil.com growth is a part of how it all happens.

Marketplace Features


A user-friendly dashboard for our marketplace stores offering a snapshot of your most important tasks. The feature-rich dashboard guides you to manage your store layout, description, policies, SEO and other store features. Manage your products, commission, track orders and plenty more. All that from one place!

Our Analytics Reports are a great tool! 

The Analytics dashboard allows you to easily:

Check your store analytics in such areas as:

  • Top Regions
  • Daily Views
  • Top Referrers
  • Most Viewed Products
  • By Product
  • By Category
  • Date Ranges

Add your own articles about your products. Add user guides and helpful instruction articles. The articles are linked in your store.

Managing your coupons is super easy. 

The Coupon dashboard allows you to (see the screenshot below):


Managing your customers is super easy. 

The Customer dashboard allows you to easily:

  • Add new customers
  • Manage
  • Email and/or aMessage center
  • Find their orders
  • & more!

Managing your followers is super easy. 

The Followers dashboard allows you to easily:

  • Manage and email your followers

Managing your products is super easy. 

The Product dashboard allows you to easily:

  • Insert new products – individually or bulk (import/export)
  • Duplicate products
  • Edit products – individually or in bulk
  • Archive or delete products
  • Feature products
  • & more!

Managing your orders is super easy. 

The Order dashboard allows you to easily:

  • Manage your customer’s orders
  • Add orders manually
  • Add shipping tracking information
  • View by Pending,  Processing, On Hold, Completed, Refunded, Shipped
  • Print PDF invoice receipts
  • & more!

Managing your payments is super easy. 

The Payment dashboard allows you to easily:

  • Manage your customer’s payments
  • Withdraw your funds
  • View by Approved,  Processing, Cancelled
  • Add notes
  • Print
  • & more!

Managing your refunds is super easy. 

Keep your customers happy and they will be back.

The Refund dashboard allows you to easily:

  • View and manage refunds 
  • View by request, approved, cancelled
  • & more!

Advanced Reports 

The Reports dashboard allows you to easily view your:

  • Sales Reports by product
  • Coupon usage
  • Low stock 
  • Order filter by date
  • Order filter by commission status
  • Export as CSV
  • Custom date filter

Managing your shipping is super easy. 

The Shipping center (located in the Settings dashboard) allows you to easily set up shipping based on:

  • Shipping by Country
  • Shipping by Zone
  • Shipping by Weight

Managing your staff’s access is super easy. 

The Staff dashboard allows you to easily:

Assign staff and their capabilities to help better manage your store (see screenshot below):

Managing your store is super easy. 

The Store dashboard allows you to easily manage:

  • Store – Name, Email, Phone
  • Location – Address and map location
  • Payment – withdrawal options are PayPal, Bank Transfer, Square, Stripe
  • Shipping – by Country, Zone, or Weight
  • SEO – SEO Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords, Facebook and Twitter settings too
  • Store Policies – Shipping, Refund, Cancellations
  • Customer Support – address and contact information
  • Store Hours – run your store at set custom hours or run it 24 hours a day
  • Store Invoice – options like prefix, suffix, purchase disclaimer, signature tag/logo
  • Analytics Region – Choose your region.
  • Vacation Mode – going away turn your store off and display an away message

Managing your customer’s support is super easy. 

The Support dashboard allows you to easily:

  • Manage your customer’s needs
  • Respond to your customer’s needs
  • Resolve your customer’s needs



It is really easy to set up your store on Herb-Oil.com. Take a moment to review the steps presented on the left to see how easy it is to get started. 

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